Clean data is more powerful than any other marketing campaign.

Really—we all know that the fastest way to growth is a data-driven approach. But what about when your data is not trustable?

Too many companies find themselves in a situation where they can't use their own database. 

Cleaning data manually is both tedious and unnecessary, plus it leaves you prone to error. So now, it's time to choose a data cleaning tool for your goals. Which one should you pick?

The truth is, there isn’t a ‘right one’. Every business, depending on their goals, challenges and their database size will require different things. In this post, you’ll find out which tools will help you solve your issues, based on how well suited they are to your dataset.

We’ve done some research, and found the best data cleaning tools on the market right now.

Here are tye, we're proud of how easy our data cleaning solution is. Want to see how it could work for you? Book a demo with us.

Here are the 14 best data cleansing tools:

1. Best tool for customer data cleaning - tye

Screenshot showing how tye works, one of the best data cleaning tools

What is it? 

Data cleaning - tye checks and cleans up your data, removing duplicate data, invalid email addresses and any faulty entries. It standardizes your data so that after quickly running it through our system, you can start doing email automation with peace of mind. We are the easiest tool to use and we have a support team that beats all the other tools on the market.

Data enrichment - we work with third-party tools to append your data, with missing information like gender, location, job title and more so that you can offer personalized customer support and marketing.

Best feature: tye goes a step further, it doesn’t just fix invalid email addresses and remove bad ones, it also normalizes your data so that automation tools can accept your import without errors (like the MailChimp Omnivore warning).

Used for: enterprises that want to check their data before switching CRMs, starting/improving email marketing or personalizing their customer communication. 

Pricing: database-size-dependent retainer for the data audit, and services run from $0.12 - $2.24/ data set, depending on your database size and needs.

Want to see how easy it would be to use tye for your data? Book a demo with us today.

2. Data cleaning tool for data analysts - Trifacta Wrangler

What is it? An interactive tool for data cleaning and transformation. It helps data analysts in cleaning and preparing messy data more quickly and accurately. 

Best feature: It highlights where there are pattern anomalies in data entry each column so you can easily identify formatting errors.

Used for: Reducing the time it takes to format larger data sets. It has machine learning algorithms to help ‘wrangle’ your data by suggesting common transformations and aggregations.

Pricing: The basic version is free up to 100MB of data, then it starts at $419/month with additional features.

Get started cleaning your own data with this 15-point data hygiene checklist

3. Enterprise data cleansing tool - DataMatch by DataLadder

datamatch by dataladder

What is it?

DataMatch Enterprise is an all-in-one data cleansing tool that offers a highly intuitive user interface for performing data profiling, data cleansing, address verification, building match configurations and definitions, and merging and purging records based on the matched results. 

Best feature

DME is known to offer an accuracy rate of about 95%, which is higher than IBM and SAS. It achieves this by leveraging a combination of proprietary and industry-best algorithms for fuzzy, phonetic, numeric, and domain-specific matching, etc. 

Used for

DME is mostly used for cleaning customer and contact data. It takes you through every stage of data quality management, including: 

  1. Data importing: Import data from multiple sources 
  1. Data profiling: Determine how clean your data is and catch any major data issues 
  1. Data cleaning and standardization: Format, clean, and transform data as required 
  1. Address verification: Identify and verify address components 
  1. Match configurations: Build multiple match definitions 
  1. Records match: Run matching rules based on match configurations 
  1. Merge, purge and survivorship: Determine a golden record by deciding which records to dedupe, merge, and purge.


They offer a 30-day free trial of DME. You can contact them for a quote

Companies that use it

As data cleansing is more of a business problem, rather than an IT problem, Data Ladder serves clients from many industries. These industries include healthcare, education, retail, sales and marketing, finance and insurance, government/public sector, among others. 

4. Big data cleaning tool - TIBCO Clarity

What is it? A cloud SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) tool that allows you to import and clean large amounts of raw data. You can validate the data, spot and remove duplicates and clean addresses. It can standardize raw data collected from a range of sources (e.g. the cloud, a file in your computer, another database), so you can merge and clean large lists.

Best feature: You can automate data cleansing, configuring your settings once, and applying it to future lists, saving you time when you import new datasets.

Used for: standardizing your large lists into one giant list

Pricing: the standard version starts at $100/month

5. Data profiling engine - Data cleaner

What is it? A data profiling engine for analyzing the quality of data to drive better business decisions. It’s on-premise, which means it works within the databases you already own, rather than requiring you to upload your data. It works in Excel, CSV files, relational databases (RDBMs) and NoSQL databases. It can detect duplicates using fuzzy logic and create a single version of it.

Best feature: You can create your own cleansing rules, and build scenarios to clean your databases wit.

Used for: creating a single version of the truth, and identifying patterns

Pricing: The community version (open source) is free, otherwise price is on request depending on your requirements.

6. Salesforce data cleaning tool - Cloudingo

What is it? It’s a Salesforce data cleansing software that aims to improve your data quality, without taking it out of your existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. It removes stale or inactive records and validates addresses against standard rule sets, e.g. mailing address formats. If new datasets are imported, it checks against existing data to remove duplicates.

Best feature: Automation capabilities, that keep running in the background to maintain clean data on a regular basis

Used for: Plugging directly into your Salesforce data, no matter what size business you are

Pricing: Licenses start at $1096/year

Finding a data cleaning tool that fits your budget and that can help you reach your goals isn’t easy. So, @tye_io has done the hard work for you. Check out the 13 best #datacleaning tools:
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7. Data cleaning for enterprise - OpenRefine

Example of openrefine, a data cleaning tool

What is it? It’s an open-source tool, and is a powerful data management tool for big data that needs a thorough clean and restructure. You can explore data, clean it, reconcile and extend your dataset with other web services. It used to be called Google Refine.

Best feature: It can transform data from one format to another, making managing big data sets easier, allowing you to work at a faster pace.

Used for: Enterprise companies with some know-how around data management. 

Pricing: It’s free!

8. Data management tool - WinPure

What is it? It’s an on-premise tool for any size business. Its features include data cleaning, data matching, data deduplication, address verification and email verification. There are a couple of variations of the software depending on your requirements and list size.

Best feature: It can manage data from all types of datasets, from within your CRM, to Excel sheets to web apps.

Used for: datasets that need a cleaning overhaul

The basic version is free, otherwise they start at $999 per license

9. Best tool for exporting Salesforce data -

What is it? What makes it different from the other Salesforce tool we’ve already mentioned is that it’s specialized in importing or exporting data from Salesforce. It maps data from the data source file to Salesforce fields. It can data from CSV files either locally or in Box or Dropbox, or accessed via FTP.

It doesn’t clean or transform your data, it just facilitates mapping out your data, so it’s easier for you to delete and amend records.

Best feature: Set-up is very easy, no sign-up or security tokens required

Used for: Cleaning data at the start, or the end of your Salesforce use

Pricing: It’s free for the basic package, then starts at $99/month

10. Data preparing tool - Ringlead

What is it? It’s a SaaS cloud-based data platform, providing a suite of data management solutions. Their product pillars are: cleanse, prevent, enrich, route. They understand marketing goals and work with your CRM or marketing automation tool.

Best feature: They have lots of marketing tools such as lead-to-account matching and automated segmentation and data structuring.

Used for: Companies that need better data for marketing

Pricing: Based on your requirements. Speak to their sales team.

Check out our post where we compare RingLead vs Cloudingo vs tye to help you make the best decision when investing in a data cleansing software.

11. Email validation tool - Zerobounce

What is it? It’s an API tool for your email lists that provides data on the overall health of the list, and identifies where you may have issues with invalid email addresses, typos or any other issues that could cause an email bounce.


Best feature: It’s an API that integrates with all of the major email or CRM platforms (like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Marketo), as well as a huge variety of other business web apps (like Google Suite, Shopify and Slack).

Used for: improving email deliverability and protecting sender reputation with data validation

Pricing: There’s a basic plan that’s free, or a more advanced version starting at $16/month

We’ve written a post about email deliverability here

12. Email verifier tool -

Screenshot of snov, a data cleaning tool

What is it? A tool that verifies a list of email addresses to verify they comply with the standard email format rules as well as domain validity, so you can easily remove those that aren’t email list worthy. You can export your list in a number of formats, or integrate and API into software you already use. 

Best feature: There's an ‘email finder’ extension for Chrome, that allows you to quickly identify and capture email addresses as you build your leads database.

Used for: Removing dirty data to improve the deliverability rate against an existing email list

Pricing: There’s a free basic email verifier product, but if you’d like to start incorporating email finding, email drip campaigns or integrations, you may need a more advanced package, starting at $39/month.

Check out our helpful guide with 10 essential email hygiene best practices. 

13. Data workflow management tool - Drake

What is it? It’s a text-based data workflow tool to make managing your data workflow easier. 

If you aren’t familiar with open-source data tools, you might find this walk-through useful to grasp what it can do:

Best feature: It works for all types of data processes, and allows multiple inputs and outputs.

Used for: giving data specialists and data scientists a tool they have a lot of control over

Pricing: Free, available via github

14. SQL data scrubbing software cleanser - Melissa Data Cleansing

Example of a data cleaning tool

What is it? It’s a tool that runs a full data analysis and works by verifying, standardizing, correcting, and appending customer contact records. It works with your ERP or CRM marketing platforms (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Salesforce).

Best feature: that there are so many features. There’s not much you can’t do with this tool.

Used for: achieving more time-efficient sales and marketing efforts

Pricing: It’s ‘on-demand’ which means you need to buy sets of credits to complete various tasks. It’s $3/1000 credits, and a simple record check costs 1 credit.

Want to see how easy it would be to use tye for your data? Book a demo with us today.

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