Our Values

Our values guide us through our day & all decision. We call it “Passion TOAST” for short, but behind this acronym lie our core values. We hold our values high: Passion, Trust, Ownership, Ambition, Sustainability & Togetherness (Together-we-win).


The acronym starts out with passion, because this is the most important value we hold. We are passionate about data & passionate about relationships.
We are passionate about helping you make the most out of your data, so you can make the most out of your relationships. Only if you care about what you do, will you do your best.


Internally, we can trust and rely on each other: we can take what everyone says at face value. Only if we can trust each other, will we be able to achieve our high goals.
Externally, our customers entrust us with their most important data: their customer data, and through this, their customer relationships. Every day we want to grow and become the universally trusted partner for customer data worldwide.


We believe that the individual becomes the most effective when they truly own their tasks & their work. Only through treating everyone on the team with responsibility, can everyone truly shine. There is no “passing the buck”. If you see a problem, you fix it. Our success is your success: that’s ownership.


We want to make a difference in people’s lives – and we need to be the ones doing it. You have the ambition to grow as a person and through your work, grow the industry. Every single one of us wants to be better than previously – in the same way as we want to help others work better than previously.


Customer relationships are long-term & need to be nurtured. Only through helping businesses grow and make the most out of their data, can we help them transform their sustainable customer relationships. We would never take a one-time deal that ends there: we want to grow with our customers. We think of the future: business, the office, the team, our work & the world.

Togetherness (Together-we-win)

We are a tight-knit group of individuals that are passionate about helping others, trust each other, own our wins & losses, have the ambition to grow as individuals & as a team and most importantly, want to do this for many years to come. Only by sticking together, putting our heads together, by sharing our knowledge and experiences, will we reach our goals.

If you want to be part of this great team, consider applying to one of our many job posts or send us an unsolicited application!