Effective Email List Cleaning That Gets You Up To 3x Higher Open Rates

  • Get all types of duplicates and errors in your email list resolved 
  • Companies using lists cleaned by tye for personalized email campaigns get 3x higher open rates + conversions (on average)
  • Start with a free data health check to find out what difference tye can make

Getting ready for an important email campaign?

Errors in your email list can wreck your deliverability rating, annoy your recipients, and lead to mail providers rejecting your list.

But cleaning lists manually is time-consuming. In fact, manually fixing errors in a 10k list takes around 1,052 hours, on average.

And while there are numerous email cleaning services available, most fix just one type of error—but large lists often have numerous types of errors, like invalid email addresses, missing names and genders.

tye resolves all types of errors in your email list and saves you hundreds of hours of work.

Send us your list and we’ll use our data cleansing engine to:

  • Detect and remove duplicates
  • Remove invalid email addresses
  • Correct misspelled email addresses (like “gmal” instead of “gmail”)
  • Fix misgendered salutations (like “Mrs Michael Jones”)
  • Fill in the blanks in customer entries
  • Merge multiple lists together into one clean file

You get crystal clean data that lets you fully personalize your emails, which can help you generate up to 6x more revenue from your campaigns.

What’s more, tye cuts out the need for your team to do any manual work—on average, our clients save 1,052 hours each.

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