Meet Our Team

We are proud to be helping businesses unleash the potential of their customer data.

If you want to be part of this great team, consider applying to one our many job posts or send us an unsolicited application!

Markus Beck


CEO with a passion for data & relationships. Markus is half Finnish, half Austrian & fully committed to helping businesses keep bad data from ruining great relationships. Process Engineer by training, with digital marketing & project management skills from previous jobs.

Casper Schulenburg

Chief Legal Officer

Chief Legal Officer with a fascination for processes & privacy. Casper is half German, half Dutch & fully excited to be changing how companies master digitalization. Licensed Data Protection Officer who was the DPO for a €4B energy provider. His background is in privacy law, with several years of insurance sales experience.

Michael Scharf


CTO with a captivation for the possibilities of automation. German with a Greek wife, who worked in Silicon Valley and throughout Europe. Michael is a veteran developer with 40 years of experience working for venture backed startups, one of which was acquired by Intel.

Steffen Fortner

Backend Developer

Backend developer bent on unlocking the hidden potential of customer data. With his varied background in German Linguistics and coding, Steffen is naturally drawn to Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning.

Delgermurun Purevkhuu

Senior Backend Developer

Senior Backend Developer who wants to clean the new oil of this modern age: data. Delgermurun, or Degi for short, joined the team from Mongolia with his family. He is excited to be making the most crucial data that companies have structured & accessible.

Alexander Hilke

Account Executive

Account Executive, fascinated by how the true art of selling leads to win-win situations. Alex enjoys helping others solve previously unsolvable problems. Data is the gold of this century, and unlocking the hidden potential in every business drives him.