CTR & Open Rates Checklist

Tried Everything To Get Better Email Open And Click-Throughs Rates? 

Get Our Free 26-point Checklist To Avoid Mistakes That Hurt Your Metrics.

  • Marketers often make technical and content issues that affect their metrics
  • Identifying individual issues through trial-and-error can take months
  • Use our free 26-point checklist to ensure your emails are following best practices for maximizing open rates and CTR

Looking for the fastest way to improve your open and click-through rates?

Getting the best possible email metrics doesn’t happen overnight – it’s usually a process of continual improvement.

However, it’s impossible to optimize your email campaigns in any meaningful way if you’re making fundamental mistakes.

And even basic email mistakes can seriously affect click-through and open rates.

For example:

  • 75% of people will delete emails that don’t look good on mobile (1)
  • Non-segmented emails get 50% less click-throughs (2)
  • Open rates drop from 24% to 17% (on average) when subject lines exceed 35 characters (3)

Checking your emails against best practices before you send them can solve major problems affecting your open and click-through rates.

And that means you can focus on discovering what messages your audience responds to best!

Download our checklist now to stop making mistakes that hurt your open and click-through rates:

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(2) Source: https://mailchimp.com/resources/effects-of-list-segmentation-on-email-marketing-stats/

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