Email Deliverability Checklist

Emails Being Blocked From Delivery Even Though You’re Not Doing Anything Spammy?

Download our 16-point checklist to avoid email deliverability issues

  • Many marketers try to follow email best practices but still make fundamental errors.
  • Use our 16-point checklist list to ensure you avoid activating spam filters, damaging your sender reputation, or increasing blacklisting risks.
  • Assess your readiness in three categories: setup, best practices and email content.

Did you know that 21% of emails never reach anybody’s inbox?

It’s true—up to 1 in 5 emails don’t reach their intended recipient, according to Sendgrid (1).

This happens because email providers have sophisticated filters in place to stop spam and malicious content getting through.

What’s more, many businesses are careful not to do anything spammy (like buying email lists), but they still end up triggering these spam filters.

So when you’re preparing your next important email campaign, use our checklist to ensure all your fundamentals are in place. It could save you from losing 20% of your results!