Don’t let bad data get in the way of great relationships.

Customer data grows old quick. tye helps you keep your CRM clean.

Amazing relationships begin with clean data.

Personalized email marketing

Unleash the power of personalization: tye adds first names, last names & genders to your email list.

Create a master list, remove duplicates & become CRM-ready

Do your salespeople each have multiple customer lists? Are all in different formats? tye merges these lists so you can track all customer relationships. Great tool for when you are migrating to a new CRM.

Sparkling clean customer data

Make using your CRM fun again! Your salespeople & marketers can finally trust your customer data again.

These innovators trust tye

What is tye?

tye is a digital assistant for your CRM that keeps your customer data clean.

We looked at how leading businesses work towards keeping their CRM customer data usable and clean, added our expertise and automated everything.

Why? So that you and your team can focus on what matters most: your customers.

The benefits

Extreme time savings

Keeping your customer data clean is an intense task that takes far too much time. (Learn to find out how much of your time your CRM is wasting!)

Upselling Opportunities

With our two-step data cleansing, we involve your customers in the process. By creating high-level engagement moments, we help you create new upselling opportunities that drive revenue growth.


Humans make mistakes - it’s natural. Use the power of software to correct mistakes that could end customer relationships.

Why does customer data grow old?

Customer data grows old faster than you realize: 25% per year.

It’s not you, it’s them: people get promoted, switch departments, or leave the company. All the valuable relationships you’ve built are at risk of becoming outdated. tye helps you keep these relationships alive and create new upselling opportunities for you.

How tye works

tye does your CRM cleaning for you to ensure sparkling clean customer data.

  1. Connect: tye connects to your CRM. Alternatively, you can upload your customer data or email lists onto the web app.
  2. Merge lists: If required, tye combines several customer lists into one beautiful customer list.
  3. Data check: tye performs a data check to understand your data quality.
  4. Data cleanup: tye performs a data cleanup. This step cleans your data of complex duplicates, faulty entries & standardizes entries like phone numbers & addresses.
  5. Interaction Campaign: tye helps you reach out to your existing customers via email or mail, in order to engage them in our unique interaction campaigns. Your customers readily update their contact info, given you have strong, long-term customer relationships.
  6. Clean data: The changes are made automatically in your CRM. Alternatively, you receive your sparkling clean master list.

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